The following PDF manuals are available for download:


We offer a set of standard repair services. Once you order the service(s), ship your scooter to our facility. In most cases, service will be completed within 3 business days and shipped back to you. Make sure to include your order receipt with your shipment. All prices shown include parts. Return shipping costs are calculated when you check out using the Xootr shopping cart.

Note: If you order multiple repair services for one scooter, we will credit you (manually) for any redundant shipping costs charged via our shopping cart shipping calculation.


Xootr LLC
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We have a number of videos posted on YouTube that cover most of the standard services that we offer for those that prefer to do-it-yourself.

We also have pages that walk you through some of the kick scooter services we offer:


All Xootr scooters sold by Xootr LLC use an all-aluminum clamp for the scooter handlebar. This clamp is essentially unbreakable. A batch of plastic handle clamps used for a time by a previous manufacturer of the Xootr scooter (Nova Cruz Products) appear to have been defectively molded by a supplier. Our handle clamp kit is a direct replacement for those plastic clamps.


The eX3 electric scooter was manufactured and sold by Nova Cruz Products, Inc. Xootr LLC acquired the Xootr brand and other assets of the kick scooter business from Nova Cruz, but does not sell, service, or have any parts for the eX3 electric scooter. We did find the owner's manual for the eX3 electric scooter that may useful if you still have and/or use it.

For all other service questions, please send email to


A very nice feature of the Swift is that there are almost no weird custom parts. Pretty much everything is standard, including brakes, handlebars, shifters, seats, pedals, etc. This means any competent bike mechanic can service the Swift.

There is some outstanding information on the web related to bicycle maintenance in general. The best information for the enthusiast is provided by the late Sheldon Brown of Harris Cyclery. Sheldon was amazing and has done a great service for the cycling community. These articles are especially useful:


Pretty much any bike without a front derailleur may occasionally "throw a chain". This can happen when you shift abruptly into Gear 8 while pedaling very lightly and very fast, often down a hill. If you feel or hear anything strange in the gears, stop pedaling immediately and verify that the chain is properly seated on the front chain ring. If you grind away at the pedals with the chain stuck between the chain ring and the chain guard, you are likely to make a greasy mess of your hands pulling it out...