We have been making the best adult kick scooters in the world since 1999. The vast majority of our scooters are sold directly to enthusiasts right here on this website. We've seen lots of ups and downs over more than two decades as enthusiasm for kick scooters has ebbed and flowed, but we've shipped scooters pretty much every day since we launched our first product.

Here's a photo from our first year. A pretty motley crew.


Our current scooters are very close siblings of the units we first made in batches of 24 in a barn in New Hampshire. The wheel diameter, wheelbase, steering geometry, and deck height are almost identical. But, we've implemented hundreds of small improvements over four significant generations of the scooter, resulting in the highly refined product you can buy today. We never would have predicted that we'd go on to make several hundred thousand scooters and eventually would be precision casting our frames and decks from magnesium. You still get a lot of quality for your hard-earned money. Although we know the Xootr scooter is not cheap, our prices are about the same, even without adjusting for inflation, as they were in 1999.


We build Xootr scooters in our factory in Old Forge, Pennsylvania. The same core team has been working together for more than 15 years. We ship right out of the factory, generally the same business day you order. If you need anything, just give us a call from 8am to 5pm ET at (570) 471-7984 or send us a note at sales@xootr.com.